“Fiendishly simple, yet brutally hard. Everesting is the most difficult climbing challenge in the world.” – Everesting.CC

Everesting. That’s what I’m planning to do tomorrow.39320474_237860776870061_26030619960016896_n

Image: Naish hill’s deceptively steep bridge over the M5, Photo: Joe Hawksworth

What is it? Everesting is cycling up and down one hill enough times to have climbed the equivalent height of Mount Everest – 8,848m in total. It’s a bonkers idea that a bunch in Melbourne, Australia who like riding up hills a lot came up with and which has grown hugely in popularity since – having amassed 2,283 successful everests across 73 countries at the time of writing. There are rules, but the rules are fairly straightforward. The ride must be completed in one attempt i.e. without a night’s sleep inbetween. The ride must be completed on the same hill, by riding laps up and down the same part. You can’t use an e-bike either, but that’s a no-brainer really.

I can’t resist a challenge, and since Joe completed his Everest on Belmont last November I’ve been eyeing up places to do mine, and trying to get stronger to make it a possibility. Naish hill is where I’m going to attempt it, using the steep Caswell-Caswell section and riding just under 90 laps. It’s going to hurt and I’m excited to see if I can do it. I’ll be trying to do it fast. The Everesting lot keep a Hall of Fame of all the completed everesting attempts and whilst this is being rebuilt and they can’t confirm it, the current women’s record looks to be Ailsa MacDonald’s 12hr37minute Everest. That’s a pretty high bar to even look up to, but I’ll be attempting to go faster, and if that turns out to be totally unfeasible then I’ll be trying to complete it and I’d be delighted to achieve that anyway. I’m worried about it as the weather’s not looking friendly (read: gusty headwinds and showers) and also because I think I may have set the bar too high. Only one way to find out though, and if it is too much for me then I’ll train harder and come back for another go.

I’m planning to do my first rep at 05:30am, and once the clock starts that’s it. If I manage to hit the slopes of Naish at 5.30, I’ll be hoping to finish anytime before 6:07pm or maybe just finish at all – I’m not sure quite how tough this is going to be and don’t want to underestimate it. Find me on Naish and give me a cheer if you’re free. Watch this space for how I got on, and for how much I manage to eat. It’s going to take a lot of cake to get me up and down Naish that many times.

I’m hoping to be 2284.

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